Viooa is designed specifically to be used on any unmanned air, ground, or sea platforms. It interfaces directly with the vehicle’s autopilot. Even though it captures and locally saves the whole wide view imagery for post processing purposes, it only outputs the required point of interest (POI) in real-time, which simplifies the integration to existing video/image telemetry systems by using less bandwidth and any-off-the-shelf ground system video monitors.

With the Viooa Sense, you get even more powerful image processing capabilities, such as 360-degree depth calculations, optical flow, object tracking, and more. Integrating Viooa Sense onto your unmanned vehicle is simple, allowing you to take your unmanned platform to the next level.

Main Features:

360-Degree Coverage

Fits any Unmanned Platform Air, Ground, or Sea

Highly Accurate Sense and Avoid Technology

Advance Deep Learning Capabilities