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Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Viooa Imaging Technology Inc. has been established with the idea of changing the way unmanned platforms see and capture the world. Our forward thinking team, with decades of combined expertise in advanced imaging technologies, unmanned and robotic systems, and software engineering, possesses a vast experience in developing cutting edge technologies for both the military and commercial sectors. These diverse skillsets have allowed us to develop Viooa, a new generation imaging technology designed specifically for the unmanned industry.

After years of in-depth experience in the unmanned industry both building and operating high-end military and commercial grade UAVs, we experienced the limitations and obstacles existed with the current imaging and sensing solutions first hand, which had led us to come up with innovative approaches for optimizing the imaging and sensing capabilities of unmanned platforms by combining an aerodynamic, compact, light virtual gimbaled camera with cutting-edge multiple camera arrangement and image processing patent pending technologies.