With a simple plug-and-play capability you can replace your old, cumbersome, inefficient gimbaled system with the next generation 360-degree solid state camera system using a built-in 6-axis image stabilization sensor (IMU).

Using our proprietary camera arrangement and unique stitching technology, you can now capture 4K stunning footage or snapshots from literally every direction while outputting your viewpoint through HDMI, all in real time.

360 x 185 Field of View

Real-Time Image Processing Technology

Professional 16K Quality

48MP Vivid Snapshots


Un-Gimbal Your Drone

Viooa is a 2-in-1 product offering you a virtualized 3-axis gimbal with an integrated solid state camera system.

Viooa’s virtualized gimbal allows you to interface directly with any drone autopilot or a RC receiver like a standard gimbal, simplifying the integration to existing digital/analog video transmission systems. It will output the stabilized point of interest in real-time while saving it onto an on-board storage as well.

Virtual Gimbal Technology

Image Stabilization

6-Axis Gyroscopic/Accelerometer

Plug-and-Play Integration


Optimize Your Flight Performance and Endurance

Rather than pushing your drone to its limits, expand them. Viooa’s compact, low weight, lack of internal battery, and aerodynamic design will not only improve your drone’s performance but also reduce its power consumption, which directly correlates with its overall endurance. Fly longer, capture more!


Low Power Consumption

Low Weight

No Moving Parts