• Unmaned Autonomous Vehicle


Viooa is a new generation 360-degree imaging and sensing technology using a proprietary super resolution camera to capture professional, high quality immersive footage like never seen before.

Combined with advanced image processing and deep learning capabilities, Viooa adds a layer of intelligence to your unmanned platform making it the smartest camera around.



Capture the Unseen Like a Pro

No more worries over missing once-in-a-lifetime moment. Viooa allows you to capture immersive 360° x 185° field of view footage with brilliant Ultra High Definition resolution. Take up to 32 megapixel stabilized vivid snapshots using super resolution, virtual gimbaled camera powered by deep learning real-time processing without worrying about the common stitching or fisheye effect.



Smart Camera for Smart Platforms

With its real time 360-degree powerful image processing capabilities, Viooa’s Sense and Avoid technology protects your drone all around from crashing into objects. It can also detect your drone’s velocity and position by using ground facing optical flow image processing so flying in a poor to no GPS signal area will not affect your drone’s stabilization. Through a simple integration to your drone’s autopilot, you can easily add a self-awareness layer to your drone, making it smarter.


Take it to the Next Level

There is no more reason to carry various payloads for different tasks. From capturing simple imagery to the most advanced mapping and precision agriculture applications, one payload camera can now do it all. Viooa has a unique mosaic mode that allows for high resolution and precise leveled snapshots using our virtual gimbaled technology. Each snapshot comes with a precise GPS geo-tagging pulled directly from the autopilot for simplifying post-processing.


With a simple plug-and-play capability you can replace your old, cumbersome, inefficient gimbaled system with the next generation 360-degree super resolution camera using a built-in 6-axis image stabilization sensor (IMU) that would transform it into an efficient virtual gimbaled camera with no moving parts.

Capture 4K stunning footage or snapshots from literally every direction while using our brilliant super resolution technology and outputting your viewpoint through HDMI, all in real time.

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Surrounding Viooa 360-degree imaging technology with multiple monochromes camera sensors bring your system to the next level.

Viooa Sense’s proprietary Visual Detection and Ranging (ViDAR), combined with advanced 360-degree image processing deep-learning advanced capabilities, allows your unmanned system to sense depth, detect movements, track objects, and more.

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"Vision begins with the cameras, but truly takes place in the algorithms."